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  • Romiromi Traditional Maori Healing

    "Mauri Ora!" Stay healthy! May power and life energy be with you!
    • Romiromi Traditional Maori Healing

      "Mauri Ora!" Stay healthy! May power and life energy be with you!

Romiromi – Traditional Māori Healing

A gift from Aoteroa (New Zealand’s) indogenous people

The traditional Maori healing method, an intense form of body work called Romiromi, is centuries old and has been handed down from generation to generation. Romiromi is taught through ‘Waananga’ – ancient knowledge that is based on universal principles.

The term Romiromi means ‘structural integration.’ Being a holistic form of treatment that works on 3 levels (body, mind and soul), Romiromi makes mindful use of Whatumanawa, the third eye. This means, that there is a spiritual dimension that balances and conjoins physical, emotional and mental energies. No matter which level is affected, blocked energies may lead to imbalances within the body and thus, ultimately, to illness.

During a Romi treatment, physical alignment and released energy may induce more space on the cellular level and more physical flexibility. Certain pressure points and deep tissue massage help driving out poisonous substances and stimulating the body matrix on the level of the central nerve system, the lymphatic system, the cardiovascular system and the endocrine system.

Furthermore, Romiromi balances male and female energies. To the Maori, however, the balancing of mauri (life energy) and wairua (spirit) is most important.

Romiromi enables the body to let go of whatever does not support, nourish or belong to you. This foreign energy may manifest in blocked feelings, fears, chronic pains, traumas etc.

Romiromi is a way to regain mobility, vitality and presence (attendance, attention, mindfulness).

After a Romiromi treatment, most people generally feel more at ease. This is because they can either feel or have gotten closer to their natural ‚vibes‘ (life energy/life rhythm).

These spiritual energies may flow through the body. They strengthen, nourish and protect the inner organs and the body itself.

Mauri Ora – Stay healthy! – May the ‘power’ (life force) be with you!

Duration: 2 - 3 hours