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  • Flying

    Stay vital and relaxed. Movement cleanses and clears the mind
    • Flying

      Stay vital and relaxed. Movement cleanses and clears the mind

Flying (Moving Meditation)

Flying is a life-affirming movement meditation from Hawaii. The dynamic sequence of movement has been developed in order to gain physical and mental endurance, flexibility and expansion. Flying realigns the body and helps overcome obstacles.

The term ‚Flying‘ is derived from the flight movements of the frigate bird: As an acrobat of the skies, it maneuvers with incredible speed and ease above the surface of the water. When finding its prey, it accurately plunges into the water.

Flying forms the basis of Hawaiian martial arts, massages or the Polynesian sailors’ art of navigation. The navigators of ancient Hawaii were able to expand their consciousness with the aid of Flying. On the high seas, they did not have any technical instruments at their disposal to point their clan the way to new islands. They found the way of several thousand miles across the sea solely by means of their expanded consciousness.

Nature around us is permanently in the making: All natural things keep moving and changing. Fire, wind, water – even the Earth itself is spinning. As long as we humans keep moving as well, we are alive and relaxed. This way, we dissolve our fears, doubts, anger or sadness. Movement cleanses, releases fixed energy and frees the mind.

Many people feel overstrained by the challenges of everyday life. Are you suffering from stress, internal unrest and sleep disturbances? Psychosomatic complaints can also appear as result of a hectic and unbalanced way of life.

For me, Flying is much more than just a form of movement meditation – in my opinion, it is the basis of every Lomi Lomi massage. it grounds and energizes me at the same time.

Flying opens the heart and you can feel the life pulsating within you.

Flying makes you flexible and agile

Flying moves every muscle in your body

Flying synchronizes both hemispheres of your brain

Your body attains more balance and harmony

Flying improves your posture and realigns your body

All your senses are sharpened and you develop a 180° panoramic view

Flying simply feels good to your body, mind and soul and is a lot of fun to do

Flying creates an additional depth of coexistence within a group and is thus a special kind of experience

Flying, if practiced at home by yourself, will bring you peace and calm in everyday situations