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  • Health Massages

    Lasting relaxation through touch – experience the power of a centuries-old massage tradition nearby
    • Health Massages

      Lasting relaxation through touch – experience the power of a centuries-old massage tradition nearby

Health Care Massages

Health is a very valuable asset that is appreciated only when it’s lost.

Overexertion of everyday life creeps in gradually and is felt by a pressure from within and without. Stress, inner unrest, sleep disturbances, listlessness, concentration difficulties and psychosomatic complaints may arise out of the attempt to quietly come to terms with this hectic, unbalanced way of life.

Once health is lost or fading away, blind actionism is usually the the method of choice. In that case, every conceiveable form of treatment is tried out and intermingled – surprisingly to no (immediately) noticeable effect.

It is better to contain and dispel imbalances in life before they lead to illness. In case illness has already occurred, healing should be approached in an aimed and structured way.

Throughout their lives, many people develop individual concepts of what health means and how health preservation and healing can best be achieved.

My personal offer to you consists of massages that are adapted to your individual needs. All my forms of massage serve as means of illness prevention or healing respectively. Furthermore, they have a different focus and provide support and invigoration in all situations of life.

All massages from my portfolio originate from different cultural areas and have a long history. Most of them have either been handed down for many generations or were rediscovered in historical records that go back to as much as 4,000 years ago. Be it foot reflexology, Shiatsu or Lomi Lomi, these massage techniques are increasingly welcomed and accepted in our own science-focused treatment culture.

1. Lomi Temple Style: Intense body work that lasts for 3 hours; includes stretching and rotational movements and the use of plenty of oil. The goal is to clear the head, to let go of old issues and to welcome new developments.

2. Lomi Ho'oponopono: 5 hours of body work in which oil is used in low doses. The goal is to rediscover the inner child and to find more ease in life.

3. Trial Lomi: 1 hour of massage for treating acute cases, as (weekly) prophylaxis or for quick or occasional interventions.

4. Shiatsu: 45 minutes of massage suitable for those who prefer keeping their clothes on.

5. Romiromi: 2 hours of very intense body work suitable to those who feel obstructed by burdens of the past or foreign energies.

6. Foot reflexiology: 30 minutes of massage suitable for people who wish to relax and activate their self-healing powers through the Swabian foot (from toes to hips), but have altogether little time.

7. Flying: a movement meditation for those who find Qigong too strenuous.

The massage methods that are most common today go back to the long-standing traditions and experience of different cultures.

Nowadays, wellness and complementary care massages become increasingly popular.

Many people feel overstrained by the challenges of everyday life.

Are you suffering from stress, internal unrest and sleep disturbances? Psychosomatic complaints can also appear as result of a hectic and unbalanced way of life.